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You can sell your products to us under the consignment model. You should fill the selling form and if we accept your proposal you should send the product to us. After that, we are responsible for taking care of the process that involves selling your items. From taking photographs, to getting the item available on the website and sending to the client. The consignment has a period of 3 months, and if the item is sold, you will receive your payment in the following month, by bank transfer. If the item is not sold, you will receive the item back in the end of the period.


We carefully select all our items in order to provide you with the best and most unique products. First, we need to analyse the form that was sent by you in order to evaluate the product and establish a selling price. However, after receiving the product, we can still reject it (e.g. if it is not authentic) or adjust the price if the conditions are not as described in the form.


After all the conditions are set and you accept our terms and conditions, your item will be under a consignment contract for 3 months, with the possibility to extend if you want to. This means that if the product is not sold within 3 months, it will be returned to you. If, however, the product is sold you will receive your share of the payment.


As soon as your item is bought you will be notified. The payment will be made by bank transfer, in the following month of the purchase. The commission of Trend Circle will be reduced of the purchase price. The percentage is 35% in products with a price below 400 €, 30% in products with a price between 400 € and 1000 € and 25% in products with a price greater than 1000€.