About us

Who we are

Trend Circle was born in 2021, in Porto. It was created by two Portuguese entrepreneurs: Francisca Barroso and Rita Araújo. The idea arose from our passion about the fashion industry and our desire to make this industry more ecologically sustainable.

In Trend Circle our main goal is to achieve a zero-waste policy, by choosing wisely our materials of packaging and our partners and employees. Our brand is composed by people who care about sustainability and who are committed to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable fashion industry.

Our Brand

Trend Circle is an online platform that allows its customers to buy and sell pre-owned luxury and premium products (clothing, shoes and accessories). Our products are available for men and women.

Trend Circle is against counterfeiting. Every item is carefully selected and authenticated by our experts.

Our mission

Make second hand your first choice.

We commit to offer a solution that decreases the ecologic footprint of the textile industry, by providing the opportunity of having an infinite closet, based in a shared culture within a community mediated by us.

Trend Circle is the ideal brand for anyone who dreams of having a diverse closet or who desires to earn money by selling his/her products. It is also the perfect solution for everyone who looks for quality products at lower prices.